Shopping FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is the product  only being offered to hotel and restaurant?
    No, we sell also to a private and  hospitality industries; hotel,villas, restaurant, cafe.
  • Can we buy only one or two pcs?
    Yes, You can, we sell both a retail and a wholesale.
  • If we buy in large quantities, whether it can be a special price?
    Yes, it can. If you buy more than 100 pcs, we will send an offer with a special price via email.
  • Can I order a sample?
    Yes, you can. Requesting a sample, Please contact us via Tel : +62 361 831948
    mobile phone : +62 812 3833 975    or  Email : info@tantericeramicbali.com
  • If we are interested in the products which displayed on instagram and pinterest, how do we order the product?
    Products can be ordered by writing code or product names are preferred and leave a message.



  • How can the product be packaged?
    Purchase in small quantities, the first product will be packed with plastic bubble, then wrapped again safely by a single face carton, and put into the carton box. If the products are many and quite heavy, will be packed by wooden frame.
  • Is the product that we buy included shipping charges?
    No, the price does not include shipping costs, usually shipping cost will be determined  after put  your order, and the shipping costs depending on the weight, distance, and volume.
  • What the name of delivery service company that will be used for shipping domestically in Indonesia?
    We work with some of the delivery service company depends on the purpose, for domestic Indonesia we usually use EMS and JNE.
  • How many days of delivery of the products will arrive at the destination?
    Delivery of products will arrive at their destination, usually arrive in 2-3 days for domestic destinations in Indonesia , but for the region of Southeast Asia usually until 5- 7 days.



  • Can we pay by credit card?
    Yes, if by credit card you can pay through faspay, after you put the order by cart, we will send an invoice via email, then you fill in the payment data completely, if successful, will automatically slips payment will be sent to you, and keep a receipt well.
  • Regarding the method of payment, whether it is better we use by bank transfer or by credit card?
    It depends on your desires, all of the payment system is very good and safe.
  • After we pay, when the goods will be delivered?
    if there are stock available, goods will be shipped within 24 hours after you payment received. if there are not stock, our customer service will provide information about the delivery time.
  • When we received defective product, whether it be replaced?
    Please contact customer service, reclaimation have to receive not more than 7 days, then our customerservice will confirm what the cause of the defective product, and if the reason is can be  acceptable, we will replace the product.
  • We find it difficult to make payments with a credit card?
    Please contact customer service, we would be happy helping you.


Do you have any other questions? Please contact us via Tel : +62 361 831948
Mobile phone : +62 812 3833 975  or  Email : info@tantericeramicbali.com



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