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Tanteri Ceramic Studio

Tanteri Ceramic initially was a ceramics, studio founded in 1987 by I Made Tanteri, who was a pioneer for ceramic development in Pejate Village Kediri Tabanan. The studio actually was a place provided for the artists and pottery craftsmen to cre their creations.

Hester Tjebbes has been involved in ceramics in Indonesia for a long time. Her background is multi cultural European. This had marked her career as a ceramicist. Her first ceramics teachers were  Phillip  Geartheart  (USA)  and  Takao  Sakuma  (Japan).

Ever since 1983, she has spent several months every year in Indonesia. She has introduced porcelains, a kick wheel and a downdraft  kiln with low fuel-costs  to the people in Pejaten, She helped Tanteri and the villagers of Pejaten perfect high temperature firing techniques.


Let’s spend your a leisure in Bali

with us at pottery village PEJATEN.

Our   Pottery  Tour  is  a  great  way  to  discover  Balinese culture and get new experience. We offer a comprehensive introduction to working with clay. Learn hand-building techniques, try wheel-throwing, hand-decorated painting and visit our Museum of Ceramic Arts in the Pottery  Village. The Following Programs are avalaibel three optional :

  •  Afternoon Workshop Program / One Hour

Start  2:15 pm – Finish 3:15 pm

This workshop is designed for the beginner, and will cover the basic level working with clay — this workshop is mainly focused on  wheel-thrown pottery (wedging, centering, opening, pulling walls and shaping ).

  • Morning Workshop Program

Start  9:45 am -finish 11.45

Participants will work on the  potter’s wheel, and  will learn  the  basics  of creating their own pieces including clay preparation, tools, trimming, pulling handles and glazing. Decorating  pots  with traditional Balinese  design  elements like flowers, leaves, frogs, lizards, etc.  The participants will  receive their own glazed pieces.

  • Sunset Workshop Program / Three Hour

Start 1:15 pm- Finish 4:15 pm

We offer a comprehensive introduction to working with clay. Learn hand-building techniques, try wheel-trhowing (centering, pulling walls and shaping ), Decorating  pots with traditional Balinese   design   elements   like flowers,   leaves, frogs, lizards, etc . Hand-decorated painting and firing.



Primaniyarta Award is the greatest reward to the most successful Indonesian exporters given by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.


Tanteri is recognized by international standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) ISO 9001:2000