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Tanteri can supply your needs in a variety of collection dinner set, we provide several options and will help to be able to combine colors, textures, and shapes to suit your dining room. We provide a wide variety of unique shapes and completion and selection of a combination of colors, shapes and textures assisted by a chef who has worked in a five star hotel in Bali so that your guests feel comfortable and satisfied at the dinner table. Get and various tableware where our collections are always developing and innovating in new designs and textures and the outpouring of art.

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Big Asymmetrical Plate

IDR 411.845

Black Stone Dinner Plate

IDR 594.084

Blue Waves Oval Plate

IDR 195.800

Blush Red Dessert Plate

IDR 184.250

Blush Red Dessert Plate

IDR 147.175

Blush Red Large Plate

IDR 403.040

Blush Red Medium Plate

IDR 252.300

Brown and White Dessert Plate

IDR 175.000

Brown Sandstone Dinner Plate

IDR 464.755

Coaster Green Rustic

IDR 345.000

Coral Pink Dessert Plate

IDR 237.608

Coral Pink Dinner Plate

IDR 464.755

Deer Painting Motif Plate

IDR 313.725

Dessert Plate Gray Rustic

IDR 385.000

Dessert Plate Mushroom Theme

IDR 220.000

Dinner Plate 12″

IDR 315.000


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