Cuttie ‘ Frog Teapot and Cup set of 4 “

IDR 975.000

A classy handcrafted ceramic teapot  with rattan handle set four cup and baby sea frog ornament on its lid. Crawling toward the ocean on tiny flippers, a baby sea turtle pauses to glance skyward before submerging itself in the Balinese surf. The minuscule creature lends a poignant charm to the voluptuous contours of this handcrafted teapot and cup. The throwing & trimming process of the body are performed on electric wheel before it is traditionally decorated by adding  the funnel and also turtle on top of the lid. An original design by Tanteri Ceramic, its deep blue-green color is inspired by the cool rainforest and complemented by a handle of rattan. This teaset is free of lead and toxins and for hand wash only.

Details & Dimensions

Code Code TP273
Dimensions Dimension 19 × 15 × 13.7 cm
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