Frog leaf banana cup medium with soucer

IDR 165.000

A beautiful ceramic cup with baby frog ornament on its handle and In the body wrapped in a banana leaf . Swimming in the warm Balinese surf, tiny sea turtles adorn a set of handcrafted tableware. Inspired by Balinese flora and fauna, our talented artist uses simple earth colors and classic, contemporary design to fill teatime or coffee break with tropical beauty. The throwing & trimming process of the body are performed on electric wheel. Next stage is an excellent time to refine the piece: carving excess clay, adding handles or decorative elements, trimming the foot ring of a saucer, etc. After the fumigation process (dried under the sun), it finally goes to the coloring & firing process.  This cup is free of lead and toxins and for hand wash only

Details & Dimensions

Code Code CP127
Dimensions Dimension 8 × 6.5 cm
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